DayZ Down Under

A whitelisted DayZ Standalone community that embraces interaction but accommodates most play styles. We have factions, bandits, lone wolves & much more. If you want to be part of this or just set up a base somewhere & live off the land come and join us...

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Community Rules

We only have a few rules and they are pretty basic so we ask that you stick to them. If you don't, it may lead to you being banned from the server & discord. If you want to be part of our community in discord or our server you have to respect the admins and follow their instructions. 

We are big on interaction so while Killing on Sight (KOS) is not against the rules it is not encouraged. If your playstyle is deemed by the administrators to be detrimental to the intent of the server and enjoyment of the majority of the community you maybe asked to modify it. 

By playing on our server/joining our discord you are accepting these rules. 

No using hacks, glitching, exploiting bugs, stream sniping, meta gaming or associating with those who do
Respect each other. No sexism, racism, or offensive language, names or behaviour
No leaving the server within 5 minutes of any interaction (combat logging)
No secure bases apart from registered trade bases

DayZ Down Under

Established Factions


The Frequency

A collective of former soldiers, prison guards, and police officers from all over Chernarus who banded together after making contact over short wave radio; hence the name ‘The Frequency’.

TerminatorNZ is the leader of The Frequency


United Nations (UN)

A contingent of Peacekeepers who were stationed in Chenarus prior to the infection. The UN consists of 3 x squads that operate under the UN Commander 'Spud'.

1. Alpha *** DISBANDED AS WENT ROGUE *** recon & attack force that seeks out bandits & keep the peace within Chenarus
2. Bravo - provide security to Vybor including the Vybor Trading Community. The Squad Leader is 'Doc Satan'
3. Charlie – provide support, food, medics & shelter to UN forces, residents, and travellers within Vybor. The Squad Leader is 'dsurch'

Claimed Territory - Vybor with Trade Base south of town


Hunters & Collectors

Outliers, nomads, vagabonds of sorts
People call us many things.... We call ourselves, the 'Hunters and Collectors'.

Founders.... 'Barry Zeeno' and 'Evil MrFoo'.

One city, one place will never be enough.
There are no leaders, we have our own paths to follow.
Hunting, collecting and trading as we drift, accepting no borders. We travel not to find ourselves, but to discover higher truths.


Chenarus Disease Control Agency

When the disease was detected, it was spreading like wildfire through the population. A CDCA regiment was dispatched to find a cure and eliminate the threat.

SpyderZ is the leader of Chenarus Disease Control Agency

Cut off from command, a field outpost was established on Bashnya Hill to study the infection and assist survivors.
CDCA will not fire unless threatened, moving around to secure resources and continue the mission.

Claimed Territory - Trade Base at Bashnya HIll 


The Outlaws

Grishino to Ratnoe to Gvozdno - We are all equal - former UN Alpha military operatives. After serving the UN for an extended period of time our difference led to our exile, we than banded together with other survivors to form The Outlaws. We sort refuge at Devils Castle and the surrounding areas.
Anyone seen roaming around these areas will be confronted by us unless they show hostility, in which case they will be confronted by a bullet. We have also been known to explore the lands looting for valuables and hunting survivors who have crossed our path. Due to our military background we wear all black.


New Dawn Rangers

Civilians across Chernarus slowly adapted to the new world, due to the troubles of the virus. The outbreak was not the only enemy. The military rolled into Stary Sober shortly after the plague spread. The people of Stary thought it was a blessing to have their town labelled as a safe zone. The military took those who were weakest & used malpractice medicine in hope to produce a cure for the outbreak. The result was nothing but mass murder. One night the remaining townsfolk banded together & rebelled against the Military, it was at the crack of dawn that the town was once again the peoples. The remaining survivors decided to band together in honor of what they stood for, thus the New Dawn Rangers arised

Claimed Territory - Trade Base at SE of Pushtoshka


The Watchers

The Watchers are a once feared faction that stalked the lands, seeking to not only kill, but worsen the already harsh times of fellow survivors. Excelling in combat, they utilise their skill in hunting the two legged type to make sure that they are always well stocked and prepared for any opportunity that may present itself. Once again, looking from afar for the perfect shot.

The Watchers specialise in murder and entertainment, providing free shows of people being turned into snakes, a captive tradition. We don't always go solely for kills and this can be distinguished by what we are wearing, when hunting The Watchers will be in full Ghillie, anything else means snake creation (a worse fate if you ask me). For any further information, interest in joining message Levi on discord. May every survivor be turned into snakes and have a sense of fear long forgotten.

Claimed Territory - Tisi


The Alternative Society (AS)

We are here! We are strong! We are SURVIVORS!
We seek to live our lives freely and in peace.
We cherish the simple things in life.
We seek companionable interactions.
We seek a life free from the hassles of the infecteds.

RDiddyAU is the leader of the AS

Claimed Territory - Novodmitrovsk (Trade Base)

Allegiances - N.F.A

Conflicts - New Dawn Rangers


Northern Forest Alliance (N.F.A)

We are Bandits, Traders and Protectors of the north
Our Democratic leaders are Boost, Skitz, Reaper and Happy

NFA is a mix of former soldiers and citizens of Chernarus that have formed a militia dedicated to controlling the area north of the east-west highway from Svetlojarsk to Sinistok.
Safe passage will be granted if you pay the NFA tax... if you don't we will take it by force.

We are also guns for hire for the right price … Apply to any of the leaders

Claimed Territory - Trade Base in Novodmitrovsk industrial

Allegiances - AS

Conflicts - New Dawn Rangers


The Final Division

Once we were a joint task force put together by countries including (but not limited to) Russia, America, Australia, England, Poland & Canada. Our task was simple. Assist scientists in creating quarantine zones & wiping out the infected to make it safe to study the infected and find a cure. Naturally, that didn't go as planned. The infection had spread too quickly. Our command was split and cut from us before we were able to receive any new orders, and we were left stranded. We managed to stand together with what little supplies we had left, and now continue the last task we were given by our superiour. Wipe out all infected possible, with organization as key. We are now The Final Division.

Our goal is to establish contact with other groups with similar goals, and assist in clearing as much of Cherno as we can to create a safe environment for new civilized life & to finally contact the outside world.

Conflicts - New Dawn Rangers



Special Taskforce of Urban Moving Plants - A SAS task force who were cut off on peacekeeping missions during first infection. They decided that the best way to survive is to remain unseen. STUMP is allied with the CDCA. STUMP are mercenaries hostile to anyone who points a gun at them or acts without morals. They are identified wearing ghillie suits or black armbands.

We kill on sight or rob anyone who poses a threat, or with gun out in allied lands. STUMP is for hire for the right price and reasons.

Jackel is the founder

Allegiances - C.D.C.A



Prison Island Hardened criminals were either broken or made bitter & more dangerous in the cells & labour yards of H-Division at Prison Island. Some died, others carried the scars into the later years of their lives, Mentally & physically the few that survived became hardened like tempered steel, anger & violence filling the void of freedom. When the outbreak occured the Prison went into panic. In the confusion the prisoners sezied their opportunity of freedom.

Prison Island became the base outpost for the hardened crew that now called itself H-Division. Hungry for action, Roaming far & wide across all factions, they keep what they find, no one is safe.

Claimed Territory - Prison Island 


DayZ Down Under

Claimed Territory Map

DayZ Down Under

Our Great Team


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Request to whitelist

Please follow the below steps to be whitelisted. If you do not complete them in full your application will not be processed:        

1.    Copy  & paste the below questions into the box below with your answers

How would you describe the guiding beliefs or ideals of our commuity?

Have you read all of our communities rules? What are they?

Do you agree to comply with our communities rules?

Do you understand that this is a private community and as such allowing you entry maybe refused or withdrawn at any time?

Have you ever been banned from any game or server?

2.    Next join our discord HERE so that we can get in touch with you to complete your induction. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROGRESSED.

3.    Your application may take up to 24 hours to complete so please be patient.

DayZ Down Under

Request to create a Faction

To be eligible to create a faction you must have at least two members of the community who will play regularly. Once your request has been received an admin will make contact in discord to discuss your request. Only well established Factions appear on the website. 

Ban/Whitelist Appeal

Once you have filled out your details below wait for an email to invite you to join our discord. Be patient. Once you have joined the discord an admin will message you to arrange a suitable time for you to come into discord for a chat. Any decisions reached are final so please respect this.

Report a rule breach

If you suspect someone has breached our community rules please fill in the details below. The more information you provide the easier it will be for us to investigate. Ensure you include time, date, place, and who was involved (if you know). If you have video footage include a link or you can provide it directly to the admin when they make contacts.

If it is urgent please jump straight into the 'Talk to and admin' channel in discord.